Diversifying Your Funding Sources: We’ve Got You Covered

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Why Should You Diversify?

Taken from NonprofitAnswerGuide.org

No one source makes up 100% of funding. So why limit yourself or your organization? Click below to explore the different sources and gain more insight into why you should diversify.


Strategies to Diversify

By Ellie Burke from Classy.org

By investing in different areas, a downturn in one wouldn’t likely impact other components in your portfolio. Instead of breaking all the eggs in your basket, you’ve just dropped one. Here are some suggestions on ways to diversify and tips to get started.


Different Types of Funding Avenues

By Allison Gauss from Classy.org

Get more details on your funding options and what makes sense for your organization in this piece from Classy. For a visual overview check out the infographic below, also from Classy!

Diversify Fundraising

Online Fundraising

Guide from Classy.org

Organizations are not all built the same, and this online fundraising guide from Classy will help you understand where you should be spending your time, and how to maximize your success with online fundraising. Whether targeting individuals in the general public, or larger donors, this information can help set you up for success!


Foundation Grants

Report from Foundation Center

Get insight into the scale of the nation’s foundation community and their grantmaking priorities. In this report produced by our research department, you’ll get a look at the foundation funding landscape such as the total giving estimate for the year and what issues or types of support grants are being awarded to.


Government Grants

By Cheryl Kester from The Kester Group

Even the most seasoned grant professionals are intimidated by state and federal grants. Fortunately, you can take some simple, concrete steps to assess whether government grants are right for your organization, and you can master the techniques needed to compete in the government arena.



There are many avenues you can take to diversify your organization’s funding. Foundation Directory Online gives you access to over 140,000 funders and recently added federal grants to make it easier for nonprofits to explore different funding sources all in one place.

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